The Premium Foam Manufacturer

Through the years, UCIFoamer has acquired new technologies, experiences and skills in manufacturing wide range of high quality foams to meet the different applications and requirements of our customers.

We make flexible polyurethane foam for many different kinds of furniture manufacturers in the furniture and upholstery industry for both local and export. Companies come to us for innovative and cost effective polyurethane foam; be it simple pillow or special multiple-density contoured cushions. We can supply the correct foam for the different furniture application. To meet the stringent export requirement for our customers' finished product, our polyurethane foam is certified to meet the Fire Retardant standard.

The polyurethane foam is widely used in the cleaning industry and consumer market as sponge. It comes in any shape, size, and color. It is the perfect material for inexpensive and durable sponges, novelty products, and soft bath toys. We produce a wide range of sponge for different consumer's applications under the in-house brand name - STALLION. We also offer OEM service by offering a great array of colours to colour match our foams to your specific colour and applications. Our foam can be found in international established brand fast moving consumer goods market.

UCIFoamer can supply foam packaging solution your company and product may require. We can design the best protective foam packaging that will protect your product reliably and efficiently.
To meet the industrial application, our high quality polyurethane foam also comes in Anti-static, Anti-UV, Acoustic and Rebonded foams and foams with finer cell structure and less pin-holes with wider range of densities and hardness.

In addition, we provide complete packaging solution with foams, corrugated cartons, tote boxes and shielding  bags to protect products like:

  • Silicon Wafers
  • Circuit Boards
  • Audio and Telecommunications Parts and Equipment
  • Electronic Components
  • Computer Disk-Drives
  • Computers